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Skypass Entertainment, our production company, was founded to bring quality entertainment to the whole family. We are honored to have been chosen for the North American launch of flautist Naveen Kumar and his highly anticipated CD, Silence is Bliss. Naveen was part of the Oscar-winning team of A.R. Rahman and the soundtrack for Slumdog Millionaire.

Additionally, our latest endeavor includes a full length feature film, which chronicles a journalist's quests for answers in the interior of India as he traces the life, legacy and eventual suspicious death of a foreign national serving the destitute. This collaboration, which includes stars from both Hollywood & Bollywood, was released in January 2019. This award- winning movie is currently streaming on several platforms in the U.S. after its theatrical release and is currently released internationally in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

Please visit the Skypass Entertainment website for more information.

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